Monday, April 4, 2016

Composing Disability 2016: Crip Ecologies!


Composing Disability 2015-2016

Thursday 7 April 2016
1:00-2:30 KEYNOTE: "Beyond the plate: Using food as a tool to end oppression," LaDonna Redmond (Jack Morton)


3:00-4:15 Breakout session

Environmental Justice (Jack Morton)
  • Joshua Kupetz (U Michigan), “Disability Ecologies, Urban Infulstructures, and Generic Fictions: or Watching the Detectives in Colson Whitehead’s the Intuitionist (1999) and Jonathan Lethem’s Motherless Brooklyn (1999)”
  • Jina B. Kim (U Michigan), “Unsupported Lives: Witnessing, Infrastructural Neglect, and Environmental Injustice in Detroit and New Orleans”
  • Jessica Cowing (College of William and Mary), “Dis/ability, Indigeneity, and Future Ecologies in Avatar”
Non-Human Natures (Duques 152)

  • Maria Junttila Carson (Syracuse U), “Affects of Bodies, Flowers, and God”
  • Derek Newman-Stille (Trent U) and Haylie Swenson (GWU), “Desiring Animal-Mediated Environments: ‘Fake’ Guide Dogs and the Work of the Pet”
  • Nisrine Chaer (Lebanon), “Thus Spoke the Zbeileh’ to the Becoming-Indiseis Assemblage: A Deleuzoguattarian Account of the Political Protest in Lebanon”

4:45-6:00  Biopolitics: Law, Life, Land, Love (Jack Morton, Sponsored by GW MEMSI)

Sunaura Taylor
Susan Antebi

Friday 8 
April 2016


9:30-10:45 Breakout session

Media Ecologies (Duques 152)
  • Shannon Wooden (Missouri State U), “’Once Big Oil, Always Big Oil’: Disability and Sustainability in Pixar’s Cars 2”
  • Samuel Yates (GWU), “Divergent Cripistemologies: Biosocial Assessments of Atypicality”
  • Kellie White (George Mason U), “Mormon Sex Lives: Discourses on Disability, Capitalism, and Sexuality”
Crip Environments (Jack Morton)
  • Louise Hickman, (U California, San Diego), “Distributing Crip Sociality”
  • Ynestra King, “Ecological Consciousness, Vulnerability and Telling Dirty Stories: “Listening with the Whole Body in Mind: The Women and Disability Documentary Project”
  • Jessica L. Murgel (Gallaudet U), “Deaf Resistance: Reconstituting the Center of Academic Discourse”

11:15-12:30 KEYNOTES: "Healthy Objects, Hygienic Futures: Medical Inspection and the BuiltEnvironment in Mexico," Susan Antebi, and “Beasts of Burden: Animal and Disability Liberation, ”Sunaura Taylor (Jack Morton)

12:30-2:00 LUNCH (Not provided)

2:00-3:00  Student Panel (Jack Morton)

  • Rodrigo Duran (GWU), "You See, I Too Have A Handicap": Disability and The Doom Patrol"
  • Yona Weissman Fabra (GWU), "Speaking Up on 'Autism Speaks'"
  • Maria Wilhoit (GWU), "Disabled People and the Holocaust: Reflections on Germany and its T4 Memorial Sites"
  • Rebecca Hurd, Jacob Ramos, and Peyton Swift, (GWU), "The Hard Worker Conundrum."

3:30-4:45 Breakout session

Toxic Ecologies (Jack Morton)
  • M.W. Bychowski (GWU), “Toxic Environments: the Place and Genre of the Transgender Suicide Note”
  • Kelly Fritsch (U of Toronto), “Cripping Toxic Futures: Disability, Ecology, and the Economization of Life”
  • Sara D. Schotland (Georgetown U), “Death in the Waters: Reading ‘A Summer Tragedy’ as an Incidence of Suicide by Vulnerable African-American Patients.”
 Crip/Queer Embodiments (Media & Public Affairs 132)
  • Sukshma Vedere (GWU), “Re-Writing Gender and Madness in Cereus Blooms at Night”
  • Kevin Gotkin (U Penn), “ Breathing Techniques”
  • Sharon Snyder and David Mitchell (GWU) "Precarity and Cross-Species Identifications: Autism, Crip/Queer Bodies, and the Critique of Normative Cognition" 

5:15-6:30 Digital Amphibians: Parallel Lives and Media Publics (Jack Morton, Sponsored by GW DH Institute)

7:00 Poetry Reading (Smith Hall of Art, Gallery 102)
  • Cathy Eisenhower
  • Tolonda Henderson
  • Mel Nichols